Cesar & Iván


Corn King & Taco Lover

Connecting people is in Cesar’s blood. As a first generation Mexican American with strong roots in Ciudad Juárez, México, he soon realized that the hospitality industry would be his calling. Throughout his career behind and in front of bars, Cesar’s border town upbringing in San Diego has allowed him to seep the rich, vibrant flavors and spirits of his family’s native México. Since 2020, Cesar has shared the story of ancestral corn as Ambassador for Abasolo Whisky and Nixta Licor and today, as National Portfolio Ambassador for Casa Lumbre Spirits, he continues to share Mexican and Latin American traditions through stories and culture.


México’s Master Distiller

Iván is a multi-award-winning Mexican Master Distiller and the Chief Innovation Officer of Casa Lumbre Spirits. He co-founded Casa Lumbre in 2011 with his partners with a clear objective to translate authentic products that capture the biological, cultural, and sensorial heritage of México in the spirits world. While Iván holds a PhD in agave, he is a world-renowned spirits educator and has created innovative spirits using raw materials far beyond agave such as chiles, corn, sotol, botanicals, and citrus. Among his most noteworthy contributions to spirits are Montelobos Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, Abasolo Whisky, Nixta Liquor, and Las Californias Gin.