While life's most pleasurable experiences always feel natural, organic and somewhat spontaneous, what sets them apart is the thought and detail that happens in the background (often without us knowing or realizing). We believe that the secret to pleasurable experiences lies in the culmination of the little details coming together. Filthy is the detail your cocktail deserves. The detail you deserve.


Filthy founder, Daniel, started Filthy because he loved cocktails but couldn't understand why the best bartenders were using shitty, chemically cured, salad olives and dessert cherries to garnish their premium drinks.


Daniel and his brother Marc set out to find a high-quality alternative, spending the next 2 years exploring hundreds of varieties of cultivatable olives and cherries to find the perfect garnish for cocktails. They built the business from the tuck of their cars and on subway trains, one bar at a time, and bartenders recommended them to their friends. Filthy is now served by the best bars, restaurants and hotels in the world.


Filthy olives are naturally fermented, so they retain the rich and nutty flavor usually associated with olive oil. Chemical curing strips regular olives of their natural characteristics, so high amounts of salt and oil have to be added to give the fruit flavor and texture. That's why other olives create that slick on top of your martini and why our olives don't.


Filthy's all-natural Amarena cherries are slow cooked in copper pots to create our signature, rich and complex flavor. The Filthy Black Cherry is the only garnish ever nominated for an award at Tales of the Cocktail.


Filthy long-stemmed Maraschino cherries are handpicked from real cherry trees. Many farmers spray their trees with chemicals to loosen the fruit fro mechanical harvesting, leaving the cherries soft and broken. We naturally harvest without chemicals, and only the largest, highest grade Bing cherries become Filthy.


Filthy's all natural Bloody Mary mix in highly sustainable foil pouches is a refreshing addition to a category with tons of brands full of preservatives, additives, colorings, and allergens. Carefully sourced ingredients deliver an all-natural, super fresh product made of real tomatoes. No shortcuts, no preservatives, no crap.