Jamie & Jamie


Advocacy Lead Grey Goose & D’Ussé

After graduating from King's College in London, Jamie began his hospitality career at the London Academy of Bartending (LAB) under the mentorship of renowned creative genius, Douglas Ankrah. With a strong desire to travel and explore global hospitality, Jamie worked across Europe in some of the best bars of the 2000’s cocktail renaissance, before finding a new home stateside to work on Bacardi’s Gin portfolio. Jamie's passion for trade advocacy led him to join Barmetrix, an international bar and restaurant coaching team, working with operators to reduce waste and dramatically increase profitability. Later, Jamie returned to the Bacardi brands to manage the Grey Goose and D’Ussé Ambassador teams.


Global Hospitality Consultant

Born in Maine and currently residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jamie Gordon is a New Yorker at heart. A veteran of the industry, Jamie's been a busser in Seattle, bar-backed for some of London’s hottest shots (just ask them), and created hospitality and cocktail programming for many of the world’s biggest brands. A born people-pleaser, he’s mostly in it for the hugs.