Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last decade the world’s top bars have moved towards fresher, higher quality ingredients to give their guests the best possible cocktail experience. 

Brothers Marc and Daniel Singer, became obsessed with the idea of creating the first line of garnishes made for cocktails.  Their journey began with an exploratory trip that turned into a two year olive pilgrimage, sampling nearly 230 varieties of cultivatable olives. 

Once the products were perfected, the brothers went from bar to bar, introducing the brand and delivering Filthy from the back of their cars and on subway trains in their pursuit of the American dream. 

Bartender’s championed the brand, making it the industry standard, now found in the best bars and restaurants in the world.

We don’t use a chemical curing process.

Filthy olives are naturally fermented, so they retain the rich, nutty and woody flavor usually associated with olive oil. 

Chemical curing strips regular olives of their natural characteristics, so high amounts of salt and oil have to be added to give the fruit flavor and texture.  That’s why other olives create that slick on top of your martini.

Life is not about dipping your toe in or getting a little dirty, it’s about getting FILTHY in everything you do because that’s where the joy is.

Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Liquor stores, Cruise Ships and Airlines – See distributor list

Home enthusiast – find a local store

Liquor Brands looking to use Filthy for events – get set up

Filthy items are shelf stable before opening.

Once opened all Filthy OlivesRed Cherries and Onions should be refrigerated and consumed within 6 weeks for optimal enjoyment.

The Filthy Black Cherries are preserved by the slow cooking process and so do not need to be refrigerated once opened.  If the product is refrigerated, you will notice a thickening of the syrup and in extreme temperatures small sugar crystals will appear.

Consume within one year of opening for optimal enjoyment.

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